DBS Speak Up

We want to ensure DBS continues to be a safe, ethical and honest workplace.


DBS Speak Up is an independent whistleblowing service managed by Deloitte.

Fraud and misconduct has a negative impact on DBS’ workplace and reputation. By reporting such activity you can help ensure DBS continues to be a safe, ethical and honest place to work.

Most reported cases are uncovered through tips from honest people who may not be sure of all the facts - we do not expect you to know every detail. Reporting what you do know is a sufficient enough first step.

DBS Speak up provides five channels to make a report, including by email, postal, telephone, fax or website.

Your identity is protected and will be kept confidential by Deloitte, to the extent feasible and permissible under the law or unless you choose to reveal it. DBS Speak Up provides an option for you to remain anonymous or disclose your identity.

Once you have provided your information to DBS Speak Up, a report will be made and forwarded to the representative(s) in DBS who is responsible for addressing fraud and misconduct, for their onward investigation.

DBS Speak Up may contact you for more information, if required (if you have provided your contact details). Also, if you have any new or additional information, you can make a follow up contact, quoting the reference number that was initially provided to you.